Pandemic….Life changer..

Fresh subject guys….What effect pandemic has given you…Share in comment box..

Initially, we were not able to understand,whats going around.Pandemic came like sudden and unexpected cyclone….Every living being is affected by this…everyone was asking to each other (and in India to God)..why did such things happened?Badly affected businesses,badly affected Jobs,Badly affected luxury expenditures and what not!!!

But each country, handled this situation in their own manner.For example, Indians helped each other like anything.whether hunger, money, jobs, faith etc…On 21st March,2020-

Our respected PM Namo, narrated about lockdown….new word for all generation.what is lockdown? What to do in lockdown? How to follow the regulations? many questions occupying our brain.Some people said its a political stunt,Some said its biological war, Some said its artificial And some said its natural.And reseach says,every 100 years such pandemic comes and damages huge mass of beings.

Every one must have learned something in this pandemic. Either internally or externally.Cooking, Finance management, Inventory management, Yoga, Breathing execises, Gymnastics etc..In short evryone has started something new, tried something diffrent.Poor people suffred a lot, Physically and financially. Upper middle class and rich class sufferd mentally.Then, Unlock- a new theory came in picture.In that people started living their normal life with all safety measures.Now cases are there ,but people have learned to live with it.

So In Nutshell, We have to understand that to conserve energy and nature is our main duty, We have forgotten our duty in being self oriented.So god has given us shock treatment.Now its high time to wake up.Payback to nature.Plant more trees and pollute less.Conserve energy.

Reseach says that there are more than 8 lacks viruses on this earth and every year 5 more dieseses will occureand if the forests are not conserved or taken care , we are unsafe..Simply the moral is, If we ruin Other living creatures places to live,They will kill us.Its that simple..if we understand.! We are within Nature, Nature is within us. And never forget the “Karma”- It means boomrang ,what you saw you will see grow. What you give to nature, without fail it will come back to you.

Thank you for reading.Put your comments on how pandemic has changed your life.

Published by vorachristy

hey all, Today is Dashhera in India.....On this day people of India do "RavanDahan"...means destroy evil in you and come up with new and positive perspective of life....So here I am my friends...Love me or hate me...I am part of you now...

3 thoughts on “Pandemic….Life changer..

  1. Hi Christy, Went through your topics briefly. Nicely penned. Well – As you have mentioned People have learned a new Mantra from this pandemic. 1. If you cannot go outside ..GO INSIDE 2. From Corona to kuch productive Karona.
    For me the biggest learning was NOT TO TAKE THINGS FOR GRANTED. We just enjoy the presence of our ecosystem and the Pandemic taught to respect them. Be it our cook , milkman , garden of the neighborhood, a local restaurant. They all is like salt — their presence does not make any difference but their ABSENCE is NOTED.

    In short nice write up on different topics. Keep writing for us to keep reading.

    Looking forward to next BLOG.

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