Lets.. talk.. artS

Art is everywhere but only an artist can see…it in small small things…It has various and infinite types…you can not learn art in specific couse of time…Its a lifetime process…..So now onwards we will talk about every single single art in each chapter…which I know ofcourse….Lets start with my favourite letter Z…Z for zentangle art…now whats that?

Let me tell you very clearly …its a beautiful art for improving your concentration..

Zentangle was invented by a monk named Rick Roberts and an artist named Maria Thomas.With Zentangle they created a combinationto achieve relaxing conditions for stressed of medittion and art.This drawing method is suitable for beginners as well as for passionate hobby artist..I will share some form of zentangle art with u…so you can learn and recognise what it really is!

Zentangle means there are no given templates.No ready made solutions.When doing Zentangle you can create completely your own pattern.

Zentangle is not about drawing good or bad…Its not about doing right or wrong…All that matters is the drawing itself…In United States ,Zentangle is even a known therapy ..

Zentangle is used to treat certain dieseases…like Anxiety,sleep disorders,stress,hyperactivity,addiction problem and concentration disturbance…

Zentangle is constant repeatative pattern….In some designed area you have to follow same pattern and after some time you will feel that you have made same movements again and again.Zentangle consist of a combination of 5 basic strokes,that are found in pattern…Dot,Circle,Curve,Line and s -shaped lines…

Now there are three combination variants:

pattern in pattern method:draw a large pattern on your tile and fill in the blank spaces with lots of little patterns.

Merging method:choose two differentpatterns to merge with each other.

Adhesive method:work with smooth transitions..there are still two separated pattern but they merge here and there….

And last but not the least zentangle is not science and does not need to be accurate…let your artistic imagination run free….

See you on next blog….

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hey all, Today is Dashhera in India.....On this day people of India do "RavanDahan"...means destroy evil in you and come up with new and positive perspective of life....So here I am my friends...Love me or hate me...I am part of you now...

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