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Let’s Talk Arts(LTA 2.0)

In LTA 1.0, We talked about Zentangle Art and now in LTA 2.0 we will be understanding about “Pithora” paintings, which is a folk art.It is an art which is mainly done at the border villages of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. So yes, you can consider this blog as my art Blog, In which IContinue reading “Let’s Talk Arts(LTA 2.0)”

Pandemic….Life changer..

Fresh subject guys….What effect pandemic has given you…Share in comment box.. Initially, we were not able to understand,whats going around.Pandemic came like sudden and unexpected cyclone….Every living being is affected by this…everyone was asking to each other (and in India to God)..why did such things happened?Badly affected businesses,badly affected Jobs,Badly affected luxury expenditures and whatContinue reading “Pandemic….Life changer..”

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