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Pandemic….Life changer..

Fresh subject guys….What effect pandemic has given you…Share in comment box.. Initially, we were not able to understand,whats going around.Pandemic came like sudden and unexpected cyclone….Every living being is affected by this…everyone was asking to each other (and in India to God)..why did such things happened?Badly affected businesses,badly affected Jobs,Badly affected luxury expenditures and whatContinue reading “Pandemic….Life changer..”

Lets.. talk.. artS

Art is everywhere but only an artist can see…it in small small things…It has various and infinite types…you can not learn art in specific couse of time…Its a lifetime process…..So now onwards we will talk about every single single art in each chapter…which I know ofcourse….Lets start with my favourite letter Z…Z for zentangle art…nowContinue reading “Lets.. talk.. artS”

Yes! I did it…

What a wonderfull day…I woke up dreaming about my next write up…what will i write,what my readers want?then i realised readers only want real…right?So my story started in 1982 as you all know…In my country everyone is more or less religious..Everyone has their own god inside them….Very nice culture we have…Yes different from others butContinue reading “Yes! I did it…”

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